Inverting Sacrality: León Ferarri’s Rejection of a World with Hell

León Ferrari La civilización occidental y cristiana (The Western Christian Civilization) 1965 Plaster, wood, and oil
León Ferrari, Tostadora (Toaster) from the series Ideas para infijiernos (Thoughts on Hell),2000. Electric toaster and plastic Christs, 29 × 35 × 10 cm. Collection of Alicia and León Ferrari, Buenos Aires.
León Ferrari, ‘The Deluge’ by Doré, 1860 + Military Junta (Photo: Public Records Office) 1995–6
León Ferrari, Hitler with Children + Videla and Massera with Children, 1995–6
León Ferrari, Videla, Massera and Agosti with Monsignor Tortolo, Vicar of the Armed Forces (Photo: A. Kacero) + ‘The Last Judgment’ by Giotto, Capella degli Scrovegni, Padua 1306, 1995–6
León Ferrari, Nuncio Monsignor Calabresi, Cardinal Aramburu, Viola, Lambruschini and Galtieri (Photo: Loiácono) + ‘Banner of the Spanish Inquisition’, Etching by Bembard Picart, 1995–6



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Rada Georgieva

Rada Georgieva

Art History and Russian MA student at the University of St Andrews, Scotland.